Events that satisfy all the senses


ad·jec·tive /ajektiv/

A colloquialism used to express highly thoughtful, decadent, emotion evoking, authentic food and beverage experiences, created to satisfy all the senses.


Dine Privés’ Private Dining Experience team designs unique food and beverage experiences, inspired by farm-to-table, haute, and modernist, ingredients and techniques. Dine Privé caters to the quest for innovation and curiosity in all of us. Your distinctive menu is created to cater a unique series of experiences, ranging from provocative and alluring, to familial and pedigreed.

Kindly contact us directly to discuss your event in detail. Below are a examples of past menus

Passed Canapés’ and Exclusive Cocktails

Interactive Sweet and Savory Stations

French Style Coursed Dining

Multi Course Food and Beverage Pairings

To check event date availability, kindly contact the event’s team at Dine Privé.