Events that satisfy all the senses

events that satisfy to all the senses



Dine Privé is an industry leading private dining service that creates highly immersive and bespoke food and beverage events.Theme elements are layered into your dining experience, to trigger and highlight past memories, or create new ones.


Dine Privé believes that few experiences bring people closer together, than sharing food and drinks. This guiding principle let’s Dine Privé create immeasurably enjoyable cuisine for your event. Dine Privé understands that your memories and experiences are exclusive to you, which is why Dine Privé includes elements from your past memorable experiences to create a dining experience that satisfies all the senses.

Your experience in requesting your next event with Dine Privé will be the first of many experiences that satisfy all your senses.

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Tatiana Esperanza Wolf / Donor & Event Relations Manager - Make the Road New York

It was such a pleasure to work with team from Dine Privé, who all provided beautiful and thoughtful service for our cocktail party fundraiser. We appreciated their attention to detail, good taste and professionalism (and the food itself was delicious!) We look forward to continuing our relationship and working with Dine Privé in the future.